Published March 21, 2016 04:04

AFSJ welcomed the newly arrived Filipino students in this school year 2016-2017. About 20 new faces attended the event who are mostly MEXT scholars studying in different graduate schools within Tokyo. The senpais accompanied the kohais in a tour around the Meiji jingu and Harajuku area before finally stopping in the Yoyogi Park for the main program. Then, as usual, we prepared the blue mat under the trees and we shared the food prepared with love by Ditta, our new VP for Socio-Cultural Affairs. Our consistently generous sponsor, PNB-Tokyo, attended the event also. No one got away with our pinoy games, such as the Chinese garter and relay. They were very fun, indeed!

To all the kohai who participated, thank you! To all the senpai who came despite their busy schedules, thank you! We are also grateful to the officers and volunteers who prepared the program, food, and venue. Otsukare sama desu!

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