Published July 25, 2013 10:33

ASEAN Festival 2013


On July 20, the ASEAN Festival was once again held at the Hollywood University of Beauty and Fashion in the posh Roppongi Hills district. In this event, enthusiastic ASEAN youths in Tokyo came together to showcase their food and fashion, alongside their gracious Japanese hosts. And, just like last year, this year’s ASEAN Festival was a blast!

Preparations started early but it still did not feel like it was enough. By the time the doors were poised to open to the public, most student groups were still putting finishing touches on their booths – after all, it’s representing their countries!

AYNJ brought a taste of Filipino home cooking to curious Japanese and ASEAN youths alike, with the Filipino soul food adobo. Adobo has a thousand variations, yet all share the same spirit that reminds Pinoys around the world that home is where the heart is. Packaged with its perfect partner rice, and half a boiled egg to round out a light meal, we brought a little of that homey deliciousness to visitors and even our own members.

Afsj Adobo

When one speaks of ASEAN, one is always reminded of music and dancing. True to form, each of the member countries presented songs or dances – in our case, both! A solid rendition of the classic “Paro-parong Bukid (Wild Butterfly)” followed by another classic, the tinikling. Dancing in and out of a pair of clapping bamboo poles, this technical dance brought together the thrill of danger, wonder of skill, and unmistakable rhythm.

Paruparong Bukid

The fashion show showcased the classic Filipino dress for men and women, and there was a contemporary fashion portion too. Though simpler than the fashions of other ASEAN countries, the elegance of the barong Tagalog and baro’t saya were distinctly different, hinting at the rich and sometimes tumultuous history of our country.

Group Photo

At the end of the day, there were smiles all around. Our guests were satisfied with the variety and we were satisfied with a job well done. As the curtains drew to a close on this event, there was an unspoken promise on everyone’s lips: “Let’s do this again next year!”

- contributed by Melvin Dy

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