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Everyone is invited to join the Japan-Philippines Run & Walk sponsored by the Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN) in cooperation with the Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ) on February 2, Sunday at the Imperial Palace Garden
Fun Run

【Date】 February 2, 2014 (Sunday)

①Run / Walk Men
②Run / Walk Women
③Run / Walk Parent and kids

【Course 】All categories : Imperial Palace Garden (5km course)

12:30 Assembly time of participants
14:00 Start: Men(100 pax)
14:10 Start: Women(100 pax)
14:20 Start: Parent and kids(100 pax)
16:00 End

【Place of assembly】
Sakuradamon Gate, Imperial Palace Garden, Tokyo
【Participation fee】
■ Run and walk
Adult ¥3,000
Student (above junior high school level) ¥2,000
Kids (up to Elementary school level) ¥1,000
■ Volunteers Free

【Proceeds】 Proceeds will be used to support Typhoon Yolanda victims for their rehabilitation projects and "Japan-Philippines NGO Partnership Fund (Children of Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao, etc.)" managed by JPN.

(1) Register from SPORTS ENTRY

(2) If not from SPORTS ENTRY, please fill out the necessary details on the registration form and send it via email/fax to JPN Secretariat. Please remit your payment for registration as follows.

When remitting from JP Bank
Account no.:00140-6-338579
Account name:日比NGOネットワーク

When remitting from other banks
(Nippi NGO Nettowa-ku) Branch name: 〇一九(zero ichi kyu)店(019)
Account type:当座 (Toza)
Account number:0338579
Account name:日比NGOネットワーク(Nippi NGO Nettowa-ku)
(When inputting branch name, please press "セ" (se))

※Due to occasional problems on retrieving the information regarding the remittance transaction, please contact ACC21 through telephone, fax or email and provide your name, address, and contact number(s). Tel:03-3945-2615 Fax:03-3945-2692  E-mail
※Please bring a copy of the email/letter confirming your registration on the day of the event.

【Deadline of registration】 January 25, 2014  ※Walk-in participants are allowed. Please inform us ahead by email or phone.

【Organizer】 Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN)
【Supported by】 The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
【Cooperating organization】 Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ) 

【Participant Terms and Conditions】

1. Participants must be of an appropriate fitness level to participate in the event. Organizers will not be held liable for illness, accident, injury, death, loss or damage that may arise in connection with the attendance at, and/or participation in the event by each participant.
2. Changes and/or cancellation upon registration are not allowed. In case of errors in transferring the payment of participation fee, such as overpayment or double payment, no refunds shall be provided.
3. In case of cancellation of event due to earthquake, wind or flood, accident or any unforeseen event, no refunds shall be provided.
4. Organizers the right to publish pictures and image material etc., recorded during the Event.
5. The Participant grants the Organizers the right to save the personal information they provided during registration for the purposes of this event and for future use.
6. The Participant is required to follow rules and regulations set by the Organizers.


1. This is a rain-or-shine event. However, the event may be cancelled in case of heavy rain or snow. If the event is cancelled, the Organizers shall post the announcement on the website at 9AM on the day of the event.
2. Please bring back your trash with you.
3. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse the participation of any person who will not abide by the rules and regulations set for the event.
4. Bringing of pets, with the exemption of guide dogs, are prohibited within the Imperial Palace.
5. The Imperial Palace is a public space and is not exclusive to the participants of this event. Please be mindful of the general public and other runners.
6. Please bring your Health Insurance Card.

Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN)
c/o Asian Community Center 21
ABK Bldg, 2-12-13, Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8642, JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-3945-2615 FAX:+81-3-3945-2692 E-mail:
Inquiry:Ms. Megumi NISHIJIMA(090-7186-9505), Ms. Gladys ANGALA

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